Becca Wood


Hello & welcome!

I'm a multidisciplinary illustrator living in Hertfordshire, U.K,  who creates colourful and unique fashion illustrations, children's illustrations, pregnancy and wedding portraits, as well as floral and food illustrations. I'm inspired by things that make me smile in the world around  me, whether it's nature, fashion, human relationships, a sunny moment in the garden or tasty food. 

My illustrations celebrate this beauty, and are also a way of capturing precious memories like pregnancy, weddings and family moments. I work in watercolour, pencil, pen, and gouache.

For my portraits I can work from a reference photo and can give simple tips to ensure you get a good photo I can work from (camera phone quality is fine). 

So if you’d like to bring to life your brand/ products/ book with an illustration, or capture a special moment with a portrait, please do contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.

Thanks and I hope my illustrations make you smile!

Becca Wood

Bloom Illustratations founder & artist